Posted on: February 11, 2009 9:37 pm

T.O should be back, along with accountability...

Look, I'm a Cowboys fanatic who hates the hell out of Terrible Owens, but the idea he should be cut is moronic.  Besides the fact that we would be penalized his salery AND another 700,000 dollars on a team that is already low in cap space, who the hell is gonna step up and take his place?  Crayton?  He is the only player on the team who drops the ball more than T.O.  Roy Williams was a disappointment, and we have no idea how he will play in the upcoming season.  I like Stanback and Austin, but both have only been spot players and haven't had the attention of being a number one guy.  Playing in the safety of the shadows is drastically different than playing under the savage bright lights of Texas Stadium and the rabbid Dallas fans.  I wish them both luck, but wouldn't bet the farm on either of them.  T.O is still the best receiver on the team, and we need him to draw double teams in order to free up other players.  Tony Romo needs to step up and be a leader in the huddle, and cut out this cavalier attitude crap.  The smile and "aww shucks" way he answers questions about...well, ANYTHING, was alright his first two years, but the s**t has to stop now.  The kid needs to grow a set and tell Owens that the team doesn't go to the playoffs just because he catches 9 balls for 200 yards every game.  That cuts into spreading the ball around, which keeps the D guessing and also opens up the running game.  Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones need to stop coddling T.O as well, as the constant hand holding and a$$ kissing only fuels his madness.  If the whole team let T.O know just how they felt, he could either shape up, or pout, kill his chances of ever joining another team, and be out of a job.  Which would be sad, because i still think he has a few good years in him.  T.O is like Rasheed Wallace of the Detroit-basketball-Pistons;  they both could be dominant forces at their respective positions, but their attitude and sometimes lackluster performances and inability to hold themselves accountable for anything is what holds them back.  It ain't the media, or another player on their team who is jealous of their talent, it is their own ego.  Kill your ego, T.O, and help the Cowboys become more than a very popular joke on everyones lips.

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