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Posted on: January 8, 2009 1:00 pm
Edited on: January 8, 2009 1:01 pm

Better to lose with a puppet...

This is an open letter to my former favorite franchise owner, Jerry Jones.

Dear Jerry,

     Hi!  My name is Jamar, and I've grown up watching the Cowboys since I was a little kid, and I don't know my team anymore.  It seems when you went and got your face cut up to make you look young (it ain't working!), they gave you a lobotomy also.  Where in the league do you see a successful team that has only one person making the player decisions.  You said the best thing about being the owner and GM is that when you make a mistake with players you're not gonna fire yourself.  Are you F'n kidding me?  It takes a monumental ego to think that it's a good thing you can't be fired as the GM.  As a man with a monumental ego, even I know it's a good thing I don't have total immunity at my job.  I wouldn't do anything and would barely pay attention to anything that I was responsible for.  Accountability is everything.  No one man can make decisions this foundational to a team.  A bad player choice can affect a team for years to come (see the Lions for proof).  The best years you've had is when you had someone who would help you make choices.  You won 3 Super Bowls thanks to Jimmy Johnson (yeah Barry Switzer was the coach for the third, but the team was made up of Johnson's players so I'm counting it for him), and what have you done since running him out of town so you can play dressup with the NFL's talent pool.  You pick players who have no chemistry, personal problems, and limited talent.  Roy Williams from the Lions for all those draft picks?  In the middle of the season?  He wasn't even the best WR on his own team, but he's gonna come in the middle of a season and make a difference?  You are making this team a joke sir.  Get some help.  Parcells had cleaned up this team, and it was growing in talent, personal conduct on and off the field, and chemistry.  Then you introduced the cancer of T.O.  Cuz no one had seen that movie before, what could happen by adding him to this team.  You made the decision despite what Parcells wanted, and look what it's gotten you.  A loud-mouthed malcontent who stalks the sidelines looking for people to throw under the bus so he can hide the fact that his skills are declining and he can't handle press coverage.  He's mad that his QB is throwing the ball to other receivers.  I'm sure his QB is mad that it takes T.O 7 seconds to get off the line nowadays.  Get open quicker and the ball will come your way Owens.   

     Now, I know it's your team and your millions, but I as a fan who pay for merchandise and all the other fans lucky enough to live close enough to the team to buy tickets and watch them live, we pay a lot for these players also.  Without us, you would be marching Footballs' equivialent to the Florida Marlins out there.  The payroll would be a joke, and you couldn't have all these high priced primmadonnas running around Texas Stadium.  Find a GM, and help make decisions, cuz it works better that way.  Look at New England.  As much as people hail Belichick as a genius, Scott Pioli helps pick players.  How successful has that been?  I've forgotten...

     Please Jerry, please find a GM.  We fans are loyal, but we deserve a fighting chance, not a well paid group of choke artists *cough* Mets *cough*.  Give us a team that can win, not fall apart at the end of the season with regularity.  And get a coach who you can't walk all over, man.  That is also an F'n joke.  Wade Phillips?  Just like T.O, the movie has been written and we know how it ends.  I may have hated all my old football coaches, but they made me play had and I'm glad they did.  What fun is it to play for a softie and lose all the time?
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