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Posted on: July 16, 2012 2:52 pm

The Book of Reggie

Imagine, if you will, a man of faith who hears the story of a man who tells the truth, and receives punishment for it.  Imagine his words with me, imagine his fervor, imagine his message.


Before we leave here today, there’s something I have to get off my chest.  There is a certain…company, shall we call them, who is making a grave error with an employee.  And I thought, for our parting moment of wisdom, we could take a listen to a passage from the Book of Reggie:

There stood before us a pinstriped horse, the rider that sat upon him was named October, and Truth flowed from him.  And the power was given unto them to have a dissenting opinion and speak an ugly fact, to kill with frankness and morality, to ignore the urge to use a pretty lie.  And when he had answered the fourth estate with honesty, I looked and beheld the urine stains of those who had wet themselves at the sound of the Word not filtered to them by the Empire, not distilled through sterile talking points.  And for the testimony he gave, for not speaking a pretty lie, a digestible digression, they cried in a loud voice, they cried "Oh, Steinbrenners, holy and true, wilt thou not avenge our wounded and bruised pride on them that dare answer a query truthfully?"  And lo, there was a great earthquake, and the heavens stretched out as a scroll when it is unfurled, and the Word writ upon it was "Banishment," and all knew the great day of Their wrath had come, for when the ugly truth is spoken, who shall be able to stand?  When the punishment for free speech is banishment, who shall be able to stand?  When we have to fear retribution for words that cannot in any way be seen to offend who shall be able to stand?  When the Rulers of earth, the Great, the Rich, the Mighty hide themselves behind deflections and spin, when the bones are shaken to the root by the Truth, is it the Messenger who is at fault?  Or those who quiver in fear?  When the Truth is something to avoid, who shall be able to stand?

Remember, my children, don’t let the fear of retaliation keep you from answering a question truthfully, respectfully.  Can I get an Amen in the congregation? 

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